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Medical negligence cases devastate families and affect entire lives because of a minor error committed by a medical professional. The injuries and damages victims suffer cannot be reversed, but can be compensated in the form of monetary assistance and specialized medical services. Making an effective medical negligence claim is imperative to get complete compensation. Here’s a checklist to help you get started on making your claim.


1. Medical Check Up
To prove that a medical professional is responsible for your injuries, it is important that you get a medical check-up from at least two medical professionals in the same field as the defendant. The medical check-up will help you know how the defendant made a mistake, the extent of damages they caused and the personal medical opinion of the medical professionals conducting the check-up. These would be very helpful in proving the extent of your injuries or damages for compensation.

2. Having an Estimate
Legal representatives can help you find an estimate based on the injuries you suffered. While a doctor can give you a rough sum for injuries, legal representatives can determine the actual damages compensation, including other damages, such as emotional damages, loss of consortium and other consequences brought about by the medical negligence.

3. Health Boards
Informing the health board responsible for the hospital’s management and medical service quality is important before making a claim. You could also go directly to the Small Claims Court if you determine your damages to be minimal or ignorable, but it would be wise to ask a legal representative’s advice.

4. No Win No Fee Claims
No win no fee claims allow patients to make a claim with legal help having only to pay if the claim is successful, or satisfactory. For severe cases of negligence, win/lose no fee claims are also available to ensure that the patient receives all the compensation he or she deserves. Legal representatives and claims experts get their fees from the medical board itself. See to know more.

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