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In Kansas, a sperm donor is forced to pay child support to a lesbian couple who had successfully made an in-vitro fertilization independent of medical aid from a doctor. The man who donated the sperm is liable to pay for child support because the nature of the situation is that of a “do-it yourself” in-vitro fertilization, therefore, making the case an act of “artificial intercourse”.

William Marotta answered an online ad for a sperm donor for a lesbian couple, Angela Bauer and her then-partner Jennifer Schreiner, but because the couple independently performed in-vitro fertilization that is technically illegal without the supervision and validation of a doctor, William Marotta is technically the father of the child while Angela is the mother. Neither women were asking for money; it is the state of Kansas and its laws calling on Marotta to deliver.

Due to the availability of artificial insemination and do it yourself in vinro fertilization kits online for couples at a low price in the market, these are fairly common problems, according to an American Bar Association lawyer.

The subject had exposed a legal flaw in medical practices as when in-vitro fertilization is performed by a medical professional, automatically, ownership of the child is forfeited by Marotta and the right and responsibility for the child is endowed to Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner. However, current laws have not made any indication as to how it would be for a sperm donor’s position when the couple makes a successful, independent fertilization attempt.

Marotta is asked to pay about $6,000 in public assistance and is asked to pay child support to the couple.

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