Posted by: admin in Law on March 25th, 2013

UK’s gun laws and its history of mass hysterical shootings that targeted children had them pass some very tough gun control laws in 1997. Today, its effects on criminal organizations and local citizens have been staggering in both a positive and negative way. Here are a few of their effects.

1. Criminals Turn to the Black Market
Criminals could either turn to the exorbitant prices of the black market’s weapon section or they improvise certain devices to make guns or projectile-launching weapons. Some criminals have made use of flintlock pistos and retrofitted flare guns. The UK government expects that anybody who possesses a gun is effectively a criminal at once.

2. Fewer Illegal Guns
Over 1,000 illegal guns have crimes attached to them. This is also an overall effect of the gun control laws in the United Kingdom.

3. Gun Deaths
Any citizen in the UK has about 3% chances of being killed by a pistol. In 2012. Only 59 gun deaths were reported in the UK last year.

4. Sports Guns
Sports guns are allowed, but they are with tight restrictions. Rifles and shotguns largely suitable for farms and sport must always be kept behind locked boxes and police have the right to inspect the guns at any time.

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