Posted by: admin in Law on June 3rd, 2013

This previous article talked about a landlord’s responsibilities to their tenants. Tenants also have legal responsibilities to their landlords. Here are the responsibilities of tenants according to the United Kingdom law.

1. Disturbance
Landlords expect their tenants not to disrupt or cause disturbances to their tenants regardless of any occasion. However, disturbance for certain occasions at the landlord’s home near the proximity of the tenant is allowable only if the tenant agrees to an arrangement with the landlord.

2. Do It Yourself Modification
In the United Kingdom, tenants are strictly not allowed to modify the home’s basic structure not unless permitted by a landlord. Adding a new patio or modifying the roof or waterlines could only be done if the landlord permits.

3. Desertion
A tenant is responsible for the property the landlord entrusted them and they must consider this their primary home at all times. A landlord can evict a tenant who did not provide a leave of absence from the home going to a holiday or visiting a relative for a very long time.

4. Locks and Changes
Tenants are not allowed to modify the locks of any doors at the house. Any problems with the doors they must report to the landlord as soon as possible. Landlords will also need to have a master key to the property’s doors.

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